About Us

What Ohioquest Will do For You

Ohioquest Wrestling will bring a highly experienced staff  that will handle all the most difficult jobs of running an open tournament, including but not limited to: bracketing (by far the most difficult part of running an open tournament since there will typically be between 50-70 weight classes and you don't know who is coming until the morning of the tournament), concessions, weigh-ins, and Registrations.    

Ohioquest will also handle all the legwork in advance of a tournament, including lining up the officials, extensive advertising, bringing the trophies and medals, and bringing all the supplies you need for a tournament (scoreboards, anklets, etc.).    We cover all expenses (including officials, awards, and advertising), so the check we write you at the end of the tournament is all profit for your program.

Your Program's Responsibilities

Hosting an Ohioquest Tournament could not be any easier for you and your school.  Your program's responsibilities are merely to put the mats on the gym floor and serve as table workers (keeping time and keeping score for the matches). Everything else will be handled by Ohioquest!  We will make things as easy for you as the hosting school as possible.  

Ohioquest Advertising

Your turnout with Ohioquest advertising will far exceed what a school could generate on their own. We maintain massive postal and email lists of current wrestlers and their coaches, and mail out approximately 1000 entry forms to area wrestlers and coaches and send literally thousands of emails for your event. In addition, we will hand out entry forms for your tournament at our numerous tournaments held before your event, and at other tournaments as well.  Of course, we will advertise online on multiple websites as well. And of course, our events have a following of those who like our tournaments. All this ensures that we should have a great turnout!  Contact Us at 440-840-2582 or wrestlingquest@gmail.com to set an event or for more information.